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10 Best Indian Wedding Songs For The Bridal Entry!


Are you still dreaming about a excellent entry on your Wedding day? Only the perfect Bride Entry songs can make it possible for you… Not to Worry, we’re here to your rescue! Trust me, when the bride reaches in the venue, everyone stop whatever they are doing to just look at the bride… So, here’s our selection of Top 10 Bride Entry Songs (for every bride!) this wedding season to make your beautiful moment a memory of a lifetime!

1. Din Shagna Da | Jasleen Royal

2. Madhaniya | Neha Bhasin

3. Afreen Afreen | Coke Studio

4. Raabta | Agent Vinod

5. Kabira Encore

6. Jag Ghoomeya Song – Female Version

7. Piya O Re Piya (Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya)

8. Mast Magan (2 States)

9. Kala Chashma

10. London Thumakda : Queen

The Return of Black and White Photography in Weddings

black and white photography chandigarh

Wedding is all about memorable moments filled with the colours of joy, laughter and companionship. Capturing those auspicious moment in a camera is even more interesting and lively experience for a photographer. Following the latest trends of wedding photography in chandigarh, the couples these days prefer to get their wedding photographs clicked in color as well as black and white prints, just to break the monotony. Adding few clicks of black and white pictures into the coloured wedding album makes it look even livelier and beautiful.

ADS Studio clicking those wonderful moments of the couple portraits, in black and white prints makes the wedding ceremony as a timeless or evergreen affair for the bride/groom and their families. It adds a vintage look to the wedding pictures and gives a classy outlook to the wedding album with the perfect blend of coloured photographs. All the credit goes to the professional and talented photographers for developing such a perfect mix of colored/black and white photographs.

Sometimes, I wonder what the reason behind that couple have inclined to include the black and white photographs with the coloured pictures in the wedding album. So, I have come across few:

groom smile black and white photo
Adding some beautiful Black and White Portraits of the couple in the album makes it more appealing. It tends to highlight the tone or texture contrast of all the clicks and refresh the monotony of clicking only the colored pictures for the wedding functions.
latest trend of makeup shoot
Add true emotions, feel and attention to the existing pictures. Since, every client has its own taste and requirement to photography, but including a bit of Black and White pictures into the existing album only enhances the beauty of the album manifolds. More so, it is said that anything which is done in limits is acceptable and liked by everyone.
gurdas mann photography
candid photography chandigarh

Whatever may be the taste or trend requirement for the photography, making a selection for the professional photographer for wedding functions is a must. With ADS Studio, such issue is a matter of past. They have a wonderful team of professional photographers in Chandigarh, Delhi, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, who are capable of handling all kinds of wedding and corporate shoots or photography at affordable prices.

According to some photographers, there are instances especially during the theme weddings,the bride or groom and their families tend to have unrealistic expectations for photographic shot or cinematography. They want the photographer to imitate the photographs or cinematography done at some of their relative’s wedding on their own function. This sometimes become impossible for the photographer as for him every wedding shoot is a
unique procedure. Every photographer tries to put his best efforts in the function he is dealing with. Thus, he always prefers to gift his clients with the token of joyful memories, which are beyond any imitation or comparison. So, it is advised to not to ask the photographer to fulfil unrealistic expectation.