Photography Mistakes Brides & Grooms Should Avoid

After going through so much research, it is a sigh of relief for the bride and groom to select the best wedding photographer of your choice. But during the wedding  most of the photographers feel are being overlooked by the wedded couple at the time of portrait shoot. So, we are here to discuss some of the mistakes that the couple make at the time of photography/videography session.

Fail to give enough time for couple or family portraits

couple pre wedding portrait idea

The major mistake made by the bride and groom is not giving enough time for the wedding portrait shots. This issue is normally accepted by most of the photographers. Since, wedding is the most memorable day of your life, thus, it needs to holds your special moments being spent with each other and your family. Take out ample time to get clicked some of the best portraits as couple or with families. Those portraits will become your memoirs for your walls.

Fail to pick the best make-up artist for wedding functions

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The next thing, which disturbs the photographer a lot, is an improper make-up of the bride and groom. In the eyes of the photographer, the make-up of the couple should be done in a natural and subtle way. Depending upon your skin tone and texture of the bride and groom. It should not get overdo, which will make the photographs look dull and weird. To avoid such issue, a bride or groom should prefer to get their make-up done in natural light (nearby window) for the best photo shoot clicks!.

Fail to get a proper synchronisation for the venue decor

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The decor light color play a very important role in your wedding photography. Most of the photographers feel that an important thing which found lacking is undue mismatch of the colour combo of the wedding palace/hotel/banquet hall. The incorrect combination of the decor of the venue may affect the natural clicks, which may results in dull or dusty pictures. To avoid this issue, it is better to consult the photographer prior to finalising the inside and outside decor color of the wedding place.

Making an undue selection of more than one team of photographers for the wedding function

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These days the bride and groom is selecting more than one team for
photography from both the sides. We agree that wedding is the special occasion and needs to have extraordinary arrangements, but in limits. There is no need to hire more than one photography studio team for the wedding. This will help in avoiding the undue chaos of quality for photo, audio or video coverage. It is better to invest time and make a perfect selection to a single team of photographer. Select the photographer with a full package of entertainment and joy to the family and friends through the most memorable clicks!

Fail to coordinate well with the photographer

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Once you have chosen the photographer, your next task is to coordinate with him very well.Since, both the bride and groom and their families get so busy with the functions that they lack coordination with the photographer. As a result they failed to get the desired photographs or cinematography film. Hence, it is required that a well-defined coordination should be there between the bride and groom’s families to avoid last minute of chaos of capturing desired wedding photography. For this, purpose either the bride and groom should prepare a list of ceremonies or locations where they would like to have the maximum coverage during the function.

Avoid making unrealistic expectation for the wedding shoot or photography

According to some photographers, there are instances especially during the theme weddings,the bride or groom and their families tend to have unrealistic expectations for photographic shot. They want the photographer to imitate the photographs done at some of their relative’s or friends wedding on their own function. This sometimes become impossible for the photographer as for him every wedding shoot is a
unique procedure. Every photographer tries to put his best efforts in the function he is dealing with. Thus, he always prefers to gift his clients with the token of joyful memories, which are beyond any imitation or comparison. So, it is advised to not to ask the photographer to fulfil unrealistic expectation.

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