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E-Commerce Photography | Product Photoshoot in Chandigarh | NCR

Today I am here to talk about one of the interesting topics, which has become the centre of attraction for many small and big ventures, i.e. E-commerce photography or product photographer in chandigarh.  

The concept is not new but it’s ideology of providing a huge helping hand to many businesses. E- commerce photographer or product photographer has helped many businesses to achieve remarkable  results in the field of online business.

What is product photography?

A product photography as the word suggests is a kind of photography, which supports in promoting the marketing of the various products through online advertising. With the emergence of digital world, the e-commerce business has got a new perspective for the advertisement as well as marketing of the goods and services through photography. 

The concept of product photography normally covers the clicking of the pictures or taking video shots of any single product with a plain white or black background. Well! It could be the colour background also depending upon requirement of the product to be photographed or videographed.  The concept of shooting product is a big hit among many online business ventures, as it help you to offer the focused picture or video of the good or services from varied angles

Companies support and promote e-commerce photography.

The e-commerce pictures or photography has somewhat become a boon for the online marketers or companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, e-Bay,,,, and many more. It helps them to advertise their goods and services to a wide numbers of consumers with a click of button. It helped in promoting the sales of the companies leading them to generate huge revenues through the every single purchase of products and services online. 

Hire the best E Commerce photographer.

To get the best click or video for e-commerce business, any professional photographer would choose a DSLR camera, along with the reliable lighting equipments.  It is preferred to pick the natural light/background giving an ample focus on the product photography. Keep the atmosphere subtle light white or colourful preferring to the product requirement.

ADS Studio as a Benchmark for best e-commerce photographer.

To enhance the volume of the online business prefer to hire good e-commerce photographer attracting the right customers at right place and at right time but choosing the excellent one always remains a dilemma for any business owner or a client.  Don’t worry ADS Studio is here for you!  ADS Studio with an hardcore experience in photography/ videography/ cinematography ensures to provide excellent e-commerce and product photography services to its clients at affordable rates. Give us a chance to present ourselves with the best product photography clicks in Chandigarh, Punjab, Delhi, NCR and Himachal Pradesh.

Latest Wedding Photography trends 2020 in India

best wedding photography trends

Latest wedding photography trends of 2020 is becoming a dynamic affair these days. The latest trends in wedding photography, organising such an event has become a favourable task for the bride and groom. Whether it is a traditional or candid photo shoot, the photographers, have the option of using varied trends. theme or ideas. The only thing that matters is the requirement of the consumer. If you prefer to go for best candid photography here are some of the latest trends, which you may consider:

Bride/Groom dress up shot

bride makeup photoshoot

The primary shot of the couple’s wedding start their dress shoot, make-up shoot, hair-do, pre wedding shoot etc. Getting clicked as the glamed-up pictures for the bride and groom for the occasion is the auspicious moment for them.

Proposal Photography

proposing photos on pre wedding

This is an uncommon shot of the couple usually clicked during pre-wedding or engagement ceremony. It includes the intimate moments of couple proposing each other through flowers, ring or cute loving gifts.

Shot with their buddies

wedding couple with friends

Enjoy the special moment being photographed with your school/college or office buddies. Be hilarious or pose weirdly using different props to make the occasion memorable.

Selfies Shots

bride mehndi ceremony selfie pose

Ideas to capture your selfies as a bride or groom or using similar props. Try to make beautiful poses as being a single or in a group to capture magnificent selfies.

Backlit photography

sikh groom backlight portrait

The most prominent shot loved by all. It highlights the bride or groom through shedding light from the backend or indirect source giving mesmerising shot.


bokeh photography chd

It is known as the blurred shot which is clicked in an out of focus manner. It highlights the subject through the blurred background, making the subject to be recognised from blurred shot.

Overhead Shot Photography

prewedding shoot

It also known as the aerial or overview shot. It covers the photography stills captured from the top or overhead of the person or a venue.



If you are searching for the best candid photographer in chandigarh, then ensure to consult ADS Studio once. It seems to be one stop solution for the photography and cinematography requirement across Mohali, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and India.

Best Wedding Portrait Ideas 2019 for Bride & Groom

So, how’z the wedding season 2018 going on with the brides and grooms to be? Well, it must be in full swing for all, making you feel jovial and excited, to get the best clicks for the
pre-wedding,wedding or reception
party session. ADS Studio we come up with some of the best couple portrait ideas for best wedding photography shoots. We hope you will like it and love to grab these photography shoots immediately! Lets begin ….

Couple in the car


The best and the most romantic shot of the pre-wedding photography is couple in car to feel loveable, romantic and caring for each other.

Twirling bride or dancing couple


Stunning and subtle shot gives the bride and groom to share loving and romantic moments with each other, the dancing poses are endless till the time bride and groom are comfortable to such clicks. Feel free to pose, go crazy and enjoy the everlasting dancing poses with each other.

Lying down top shot


Wonderful, fascinating shot, of the lie down couple surrounded with props like, balls and balloons/ flowers and getting themselves clicked from the extreme top height, also be known as aerial shot….

Photo booth/frames customized shot


With this shot, you may portrait yourself to get accustomed to the photoframes by posing a unique couple posture like a sweet hug or hand on shoulder click, you may also make funny faces to get the best funniest couple photography shot.

On the beach/ mountain


If you are a nature lover or love to be nearby the sea, then you may engage a photographer to customized the best clicks for you, including trekking shot, parachute ride or posing on the beach or sea side area on sand.

Use the photographic effects


Well, for this you must be extra imaginative, like getting yourself clicked under the shadow of night sparkles or blowing crackers, or using the other lighting effects.

Rose petal/flower/colorful funny paper


It is the most loveable and scintillating shot including the beautiful shower of roses or your favorite flower petals or colorful shower of paper cutting over the top head on the couple through helicopter or helicam.

With cute hand signs


Another beautiful shot is getting yourself clicked using the different symbols or signage signs using hands or fingers. You may also take the help of sign language to create expressive and loving thoughts.

With the guests/buddies doing something funny and loveable


You may also give a try to have the beautiful shot clicked with your school/ college or office buddies. It comes out really wonderful. Think about it.

Lastly, Using props


Props wedding photography clicks become the real hit among couples, giving them a chance to enjoy loving and stunning movements or situations with ultimate jovial mood.

Dabang Bride Getting Ready For Her Wedding

beautiful bride portrait

With the candid wedding photography is on its peak, we are back with our best wedding videoshoot of a dabang bride. Here is the one bride who has topped the list of awesome bride in india. The video shows the bride dressed in her wedding dress to performance lip-dub song. The bride enjoying her ‘getting ready’ session and giving her best performance before her wedding. Watch this video, you’d want to take inspiration from this for your wedding. Watch it now!

Beautiful Hindu bride on her wedding

10 Best Indian Wedding Songs For The Bridal Entry!


Are you still dreaming about a excellent entry on your Wedding day? Only the perfect Bride Entry songs can make it possible for you… Not to Worry, we’re here to your rescue! Trust me, when the bride reaches in the venue, everyone stop whatever they are doing to just look at the bride… So, here’s our selection of Top 10 Bride Entry Songs (for every bride!) this wedding season to make your beautiful moment a memory of a lifetime!

1. Din Shagna Da | Jasleen Royal

2. Madhaniya | Neha Bhasin

3. Afreen Afreen | Coke Studio

4. Raabta | Agent Vinod

5. Kabira Encore

6. Jag Ghoomeya Song – Female Version

7. Piya O Re Piya (Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya)

8. Mast Magan (2 States)

9. Kala Chashma

10. London Thumakda : Queen

Best Wedding Photographer in Low Budget in Chandigarh


Wedding is a big day for a bride and groom, so, it has to be special in all the ways. Be it clothing, apparels, food or photography, it must have an extraordinary arrangement at ordinary pricing. Whenever the families fix a wedding, they have set a stipulated budget for the wedding photographer.

The average wedding costs around Rs 10 to 15 lakhs done on set budget scale (including all the major and minor arrangements) made for the couple. Out of the said cost minimum budget fixed for the wedding photography varies from Rs 60,000 to 1,50,000 Lakhs, which is nominal these days. So, whenever you search for the wedding photographer in your hometown, you always prefer to pick the one with the set budget and best in service.

However, if you are in search of the best wedding photographer in chandigarh or Punjab, you would not be able to crack the best deal than the ADS Studio. A pioneer team of professional photographers fully versed with the latest techniques or trends of photography. Choosing them for the wedding photography means you would get a best deal of the town.

ADS Studio teammates are known for their professional experience of handling the high end wedding photography and cinematography films for their customers in Chandigarh and India.
The team follows a proper dress code during the function ceremonies to look unique and professional at the work site.
All the team members hold their respective identity card based upon their designation or work profile.
To make the occasion auspicious and special for the bride and groom, they provide same day editing of best clicks or shots of the wedding.

Thus, picking up ADS Studio as the best wedding photographer in the town with affordable budget for the occasion.

The Return of Black and White Photography in Weddings

black and white photography chandigarh

Wedding is all about memorable moments filled with the colours of joy, laughter and companionship. Capturing those auspicious moment in a camera is even more interesting and lively experience for a photographer. Following the latest trends of wedding photography in chandigarh, the couples these days prefer to get their wedding photographs clicked in color as well as black and white prints, just to break the monotony. Adding few clicks of black and white pictures into the coloured wedding album makes it look even livelier and beautiful.

ADS Studio clicking those wonderful moments of the couple portraits, in black and white prints makes the wedding ceremony as a timeless or evergreen affair for the bride/groom and their families. It adds a vintage look to the wedding pictures and gives a classy outlook to the wedding album with the perfect blend of coloured photographs. All the credit goes to the professional and talented photographers for developing such a perfect mix of colored/black and white photographs.

Sometimes, I wonder what the reason behind that couple have inclined to include the black and white photographs with the coloured pictures in the wedding album. So, I have come across few:

groom smile black and white photo
Adding some beautiful Black and White Portraits of the couple in the album makes it more appealing. It tends to highlight the tone or texture contrast of all the clicks and refresh the monotony of clicking only the colored pictures for the wedding functions.
latest trend of makeup shoot
Add true emotions, feel and attention to the existing pictures. Since, every client has its own taste and requirement to photography, but including a bit of Black and White pictures into the existing album only enhances the beauty of the album manifolds. More so, it is said that anything which is done in limits is acceptable and liked by everyone.
gurdas mann photography
candid photography chandigarh

Whatever may be the taste or trend requirement for the photography, making a selection for the professional photographer for wedding functions is a must. With ADS Studio, such issue is a matter of past. They have a wonderful team of professional photographers in Chandigarh, Delhi, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, who are capable of handling all kinds of wedding and corporate shoots or photography at affordable prices.

According to some photographers, there are instances especially during the theme weddings,the bride or groom and their families tend to have unrealistic expectations for photographic shot or cinematography. They want the photographer to imitate the photographs or cinematography done at some of their relative’s wedding on their own function. This sometimes become impossible for the photographer as for him every wedding shoot is a
unique procedure. Every photographer tries to put his best efforts in the function he is dealing with. Thus, he always prefers to gift his clients with the token of joyful memories, which are beyond any imitation or comparison. So, it is advised to not to ask the photographer to fulfil unrealistic expectation.

Best Wedding Photographer in Budget


Hiring a good photographer in a budget is a tedious job, until and unless you are not clear about your requirement. Since, the wedding season has just geared up so, besides making other arrangements, picking the best photographer by a bride and groom becomes an important discussion amongst the families. While making the preparations, we always tend to fix a stipulated budget for photography and expect the photographer to provide the best wedding photography in the set cost.

To keep your wedding photography expense under the budget, here are some useful tips,
which you may consider fruitful for booking the best photographer for your dream wedding:

Get a detailed insight to wedding cinematography

Cinematography is a film shoot of your wedding, which normally includes the interview of the bride/groom and their families. It may also cover short cut or highlights of your adulthood memories or your meeting story with your fiancee. So, make yourself clear whether you require such cinematography video for a single day or all the three days of your wedding function. This may reduce a bit of your photography expense.

Pick the Candid than the traditional photography for small gatherings

Wedding usually is a 3-4 days affair, which includes different functions for the bride and groom. Sometimes, there are the moments, where you have gathering of 70-100 guests. In that scenario, it would be best to go for candid shots rather than the traditional stage shots.Making an option for a candid photography will cover the natural clicks of the bride and groom along with their families and friends, which is highly preferable and affordable.

Book a single photographer from both the sides

It is an excellent approach to hire a single photographer rather than two for the wedding.
This will help you to share the photography expense jointly. But you need to do a good research for hiring the best professional photographer for the same.

Make the booking for a photographer in advance

Once you get your wedding date fix, make it a point to hire the photographer in advance.This will help in avoiding the last minute chaos as well as reduce the wedding expense. It may also give you additional benefits of selecting the best photographer in budget after you make yourself satisfied through prolonged research.

Get photograph or video edited from the same photographer

Whenever you plan to engage a photographer for the wedding, make sure to pick the one and the same person for the entire function. Give him the complete responsibility of creating or making the finalised print of the album and video. This will make you to cut down the extra cost on your wedding photography.

Hire a photographer with 5 to 10 teammates

If you have a wedding function with a gathering of 150 to 200 guests, it is best to go for a
photographer having 5 to 10 professional teammates. This will help in the optimal coverage of the functions with least botheration. However, if you have gathering of 500 plus guests,then it is important that you select the professional photographer with 20 or more teammates. This will turned out to be a nominal expense during the wedding functions shoot.

However, these days you may come across many photographers providing set price or
packages for the wedding, while there are few, who prefer to give customised package for the photography or cinematography to the clients depending upon their requirement. What you have to do is just be aware of the prevailing rates/prices of the wedding photographers in the market and selects accordingly.

Best Indian Candid Wedding Photographer in Chandigarh | Punjab


With wedding season on its peak, we are back with our latest indian wedding shoot of lovely couple Arsh + Amulya. It was christian wedding. Both the bride & groom were looking fabulous in their english wedding attires.

The ceremony took place in the church in the presence of the priest, family and friends. Both complimented each other in every way. The wedding is known as one of the grandeur days in the life of a bride, so she expects to make to joyful and happening in every way.


Making arrangements for the special day after many research by both the families. Hence, planning for the wedding is not an easy task. A lot of things need to be kept in mind before planning. Fixing the venue, food, clothing, accessories and most important of all is the best wedding photographer.


Without the selection of the best wedding photographer, any wedding may seem to be a half hearted affair. If you are seeking help to pick up the best wedding photographer in chandigarh ADS Studio is the best photography studio in chandigarh and mohali, Punjab. From them, wedding photography is not just an assignment rather it is their passion.We transform your wonderful live stories into unforgettable memories forever.

Photography Mistakes Brides & Grooms Should Avoid

After going through so much research, it is a sigh of relief for the bride and groom to select the best wedding photographer of your choice. But during the wedding  most of the photographers feel are being overlooked by the wedded couple at the time of portrait shoot. So, we are here to discuss some of the mistakes that the couple make at the time of photography/videography session.

Fail to give enough time for couple or family portraits

couple pre wedding portrait idea

The major mistake made by the bride and groom is not giving enough time for the wedding portrait shots. This issue is normally accepted by most of the photographers. Since, wedding is the most memorable day of your life, thus, it needs to holds your special moments being spent with each other and your family. Take out ample time to get clicked some of the best portraits as couple or with families. Those portraits will become your memoirs for your walls.

Fail to pick the best make-up artist for wedding functions

make up photography chandigarh

The next thing, which disturbs the photographer a lot, is an improper make-up of the bride and groom. In the eyes of the photographer, the make-up of the couple should be done in a natural and subtle way. Depending upon your skin tone and texture of the bride and groom. It should not get overdo, which will make the photographs look dull and weird. To avoid such issue, a bride or groom should prefer to get their make-up done in natural light (nearby window) for the best photo shoot clicks!.

Fail to get a proper synchronisation for the venue decor

budget wedding photogrrapher mohali

The decor light color play a very important role in your wedding photography. Most of the photographers feel that an important thing which found lacking is undue mismatch of the colour combo of the wedding palace/hotel/banquet hall. The incorrect combination of the decor of the venue may affect the natural clicks, which may results in dull or dusty pictures. To avoid this issue, it is better to consult the photographer prior to finalising the inside and outside decor color of the wedding place.

Making an undue selection of more than one team of photographers for the wedding function

candid photography ads studio team

These days the bride and groom is selecting more than one team for
photography from both the sides. We agree that wedding is the special occasion and needs to have extraordinary arrangements, but in limits. There is no need to hire more than one photography studio team for the wedding. This will help in avoiding the undue chaos of quality for photo, audio or video coverage. It is better to invest time and make a perfect selection to a single team of photographer. Select the photographer with a full package of entertainment and joy to the family and friends through the most memorable clicks!

Fail to coordinate well with the photographer

ads studio photography chandigarh

Once you have chosen the photographer, your next task is to coordinate with him very well.Since, both the bride and groom and their families get so busy with the functions that they lack coordination with the photographer. As a result they failed to get the desired photographs or cinematography film. Hence, it is required that a well-defined coordination should be there between the bride and groom’s families to avoid last minute of chaos of capturing desired wedding photography. For this, purpose either the bride and groom should prepare a list of ceremonies or locations where they would like to have the maximum coverage during the function.

Avoid making unrealistic expectation for the wedding shoot or photography

According to some photographers, there are instances especially during the theme weddings,the bride or groom and their families tend to have unrealistic expectations for photographic shot. They want the photographer to imitate the photographs done at some of their relative’s or friends wedding on their own function. This sometimes become impossible for the photographer as for him every wedding shoot is a
unique procedure. Every photographer tries to put his best efforts in the function he is dealing with. Thus, he always prefers to gift his clients with the token of joyful memories, which are beyond any imitation or comparison. So, it is advised to not to ask the photographer to fulfil unrealistic expectation.