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Latest Trends for Wedding Shots

Posted by ADS Studio | 18 June 2016

Photography is becoming a dynamic affair, these days. With the latest trends available in wedding photography, organising such an event has become a favourable task for the bride and groom. Whether it is a traditional or candid shot, the photographers, have the option of using varied themes or ideas for the same. The only thing that matters is the taste and requirement of the consumer. If you prefer to go for candid photography, here are some of the basic to latest trends, which you may consider:

Bride/Groom dress up shot


The primary shot of the couple’s wedding start from the basic and genuine clicks of the bride and groom, which includes their dress, make-up, hair-do, etc. Getting clicked as the glamed-up pictures for the bride and groom for the occasion is the auspicious moment for them.

Proposal Photography


This is an uncommon shot of the couple usually clicked during pre-wedding or engagement ceremony. It includes the intimate moments of couple proposing each other through flowers, ring or cute loving gifts.

Shot with their buddies


Enjoy the special moment being photographed with your school/college or office buddies. Be hilarious or pose weirdly using different props to make the occasion memorable.

Selfies Shots


Think of innovative ideas to capture your selfies as a bride or groom or using similar props. Try to make beautiful poses as being a single or in a group to capture magnificent selfies

Backlit photography


The most prominent shot loved by all. It highlights the bride or groom through shedding light from the backend or indirect source giving mesmerising shot.



It is known as the blurred shot which is clicked in an out of focus manner. It highlights the subject through the blurred background, making the subject to be recognised from blurred shot.

Overhead Shot Photography


It also known as the aerial or overview shot. It covers the photography stills captured from the top or overhead of the person or a venue.


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